Well, I haven’t been on the blog in a few weeks because I took a few days off for a long-overdue vacation. It was a beautiful couple of days on Galveston Island for my wife and me – we were surrounded by our children and grandchildren. We are indeed fortunate to live only several hours away from the Gulf of Mexico where I spent 40 years of my life living very near the island. If you’ve never been to Galveston, I highly recommend the place to spend your vacation and if you love seafood, you won’t be disappointed in what the place has to offer. The photo of me, below, was taken by my grandson – behind me is the tall sailing ship “Elissa” which is docked at the Port of Galveston. Below the photo of me, is a photo-graphic that I made of the ship. Click here to read more about “Elissa.” – Bude Lepsi