Well not really, my 1970 Dodge Challenger didn’t have the beloved Hemi engine. Mine had a 383 because that was the first one that our local dealer had on hand. And in my impatience, I bought the very first one to hit the streets in our county (Brazoria County, Texas). The ’70 Challenger was the first year they were made and it got plenty of looks back then. Later, my old classmate and ace mechanic, Steve Duncan, kind of souped mine up – he put in an electric fuel pump and two four-barrel carbs. I tore up two rear ends drag racing the car at a track in Dickinson, Texas. Then I bought a 4:30 ratio rear end from Zoom Industries and won a little trophy. Man I loved that car, but like many things over the years I let it get away from me. Thanks to Jay Leno for bringing back the memories. – Bude Lepsi