Every single day Democrats, liberals, and their disgusting allies in the fake news media continue to attack President Trump. They hold their vile protests on college campuses and destroy property while attacking the values that have made this country great. In the classroom, professors force feed their liberal filth to a captured audience of young donald-trumppeople who are afraid to protest in fear of getting a failing grade. Respect for police officers is gone thanks to Obama and his support for groups like Black Lives Matter.
    Political correctness in this country has reached a disgusting new low with everything offending everybody. Simple words can be twisted to give them racist implications as defined by the true racists, Democrats and liberals. Kids are expelled from school for simply pointing their finger like a gun, pretending to shoot something. I am just an old guy who has a hard time digesting all the things going on in our country today. I am damn sick and tired of this liberal trash trying to rewrite history just to satisfy their twisted beliefs of how things should have been.
    I have reached a point that I can no longer stand any individual who claims to be a liberal or Democrat. Fact is, I don’t have any desire to be around these America-hating fools. We are indeed fortunate to have a president who truly loves this country – President Trump is a strong man who cares about all Americans, regardless of color. He is a great leader and he is fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again.”  – Bude Lepsi