My Czech friends tell me that “Bude lepsi” is Czech for “it’s going to get better.” I hope they are right. On these pages you will find my opinions on various things. I will venture into politics from time-to-time, if you don’t like my opinions, don’t read them. It makes no difference to me. I am a Texas boy born and bred – I’m damn proud of it and I am proud to be an American – I love this country and the people who protect it. That includes our military, fire departments, police, and first responders. – Bude Lepsi

I have been a photographer for  over 50 years (I know, I’m an old dude) so you will also see some of my work here. I am also a newspaper columnist writing about Texas History for several small papers in South-Central Texas. I’ve recently started using my photos and the work of others to create composite/graphics. My photography operates under the name MVM Images