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Latest NRA ad is freaking liberals out – join the NRA today!

Liberals are such hypocrites! Take a look at this video and see if you truly believe that Dana was calling for a Civil War. Democrats and liberals always freak out when conservatives fight back. I encourage all legal gun owners to join the NRA, and join even if you don’t own a gun but believe in our 2nd Amendment rights. – Bude Lepsi

Selecting A Carry Gun: Advice For New Concealed Carriers – Concealed Nation

In today’s America, people are becoming more aware of the dangers of street crime and home a-meguninvasions. Although we may never have to face these situations, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared nonetheless. American citizens are now feeling the need to arm themselves in record numbers – many choosing handguns for self defense. Individuals who are new to handguns can become confused as to what weapon will work best for them. The article below will give the novice an idea as to the many handguns available – it is a good read and can give the newbie to firearms some direction as to what will work for them. – Bude lepsi

     Concealed Nation: Many individuals are on the verge of choosing their first weapon for personal protection. Selecting a handgun is a demanding decision as the requirements for each individual are different. It is a highly personal choice. Handguns in particular are very individual. There is no one-size-fits-all.
This article is intended to assist you in making this choice, particularly as it pertains to selecting a gun for concealed carry applications.If selecting a handgun only for home defense there is little reason to compromise on anything. Get a full-size combat handgun and get the one you most prefer. For a gun that you will carry concealed, however, most people must make some compromises due to lifestyle, environment, and dress requirements. In general, concealed carriers always walk the line between carrying a serious gun, and carrying a convenient gun. Sometimes, however, too much emphasis is placed on convenience. If you wish to carry a … > click here to read the entire article.

Source: Selecting A Carry Gun: Advice For New Concealed Carriers – Concealed Nation

NRA CEO LaPierre talks at CPAC

There is not a lot I can add to Wayne LaPierre’s speech. He is spot on with his comments about the outrageous activities of liberals who hate this country. Conservative Americans have to be constantly on their toes to fight against these American haters. If you believe in the right to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors, then I strongly encourage you to join the NRA right now! – Bude Lepsi

Plinking – shooting fun for the entire family – with safety as top priority


My everyday carry rig – Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield

   If you love guns and shooting as much as I do, then I’m sure you do your share of ‘plinking.’ I do it at least once a week. Either I will take out my Heritage Rough Rider .22, western style, single action pistol or my 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and spend a few hours at the range. The .22 is just for having fun with some affordable ammo and banging away at beer and soda cans.
The Shield is my everyday carry gun for self defense and I try to stay as proficient as possible with it should a life or death situation arise – I hope that never happens. Shooting is a wonderful past time for the whole family. They have fun while learning that guns are not as terrible as some liberals would like us to believe. I hope you enjoy the article below from The Shooter’s Log publication. – Bude Lepsi

By Bob Campbell (The Shooter’s Log)
Plinking is difficult to define, and that is how I like it. To place boundaries on recreation, or what may even advance to an art form, is an exercise in frustration.I disagree with hardcore instructors who claim that all shooting that isn’t structured is simply ‘making brass.’ I am a hardcore instructor as well, and I completely enjoy shooting for its own sake and would hate to give up plinking.
Anything that encourages the learning of proper trigger press and sight alignment is good. Another great advantage of plinking is that you may just find that the wife and kids will come along to plink much more readily than if they are sighting the rifle in for hunting season or engaging in personal defense practice. They may just get the bug and make an affair of it. Plinking includes firing at the inoffensive tin can, >click here to see the entire article….

Source: Plinking Fun — Unrestricted!

Product review – Holsters from CYA

I am a supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights – I have been a gun owner and handgun enthusiast for over 50 years. Recently, I did my first product review on YouTube – this is my very first video of this nature and I did it mainly because there were no reviews on this product. The company that makes these handgun holsters is veteran owned, by a Marine to be exact. I love our military and I support them at every opportunity. If you own a handgun, give this product a look. – Bude Lepsi

Refusing to be a victim …

I’m a big fan of Colion Noir – I watch his videos at every opportunity and once again Colion hits the nail on the head in this one.

My favorite carry gun

I’ve been carrying the Smith & Wesson M&P shield now for about three months and I am very satisfied with its performance. It’s comfortable to carry and the slim profile makes it easy to conceal. Mine is chambered in 9 mm, but it is also available in .40 cal – they also just introduced their newest version which is chambered in .45 cal. I’ve probably put about 300 rounds through this gun without any problems whatsoever.

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