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Barack Hussein Obama – the face of hatred and racial division

    The Good Lord has allowed to me to live on this earth for nearly 75 years and even better, he allows me to live in the greatest country in the world. A country that throughout its existence has fought to preserve liberty, worldwide, for millions of people.
    During World War II, a group that will forever be known as “The Greatest Generation” saved the world and lost hundreds of thousands of their sons and daughters in doing so. I am proud to say that my mom and dad were part of that group. They came out of a

Barack Hussein Obama, the face of racial hatred

depression where very few of them experienced anything close to “white privilege.” All they knew was poverty, hard work, and helping their neighbor. In their youth, these Americans found themselves in a terrible war. They liberated the Nazi death camps and witnessed the horrible sights of what so called human beings could do to one another.
    For these people, of all colors, and their offspring as well as the President of the United States to be called “Nazis” is indeed vile and disgusting to any American who loves this country. At the present time there are terrorist/hate groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter doing everything they can to promote violence and suppress free speech. These groups are led by and inspired by Communists. They are going after the very core of our culture and doing everything they can to divide us. The KKK and white supremacists must also be included in these hate groups.
    One of the most prominent causes of the hate and division we are experiencing comes from former president Barack Hussein Obama. During his eight years in office he caused race relations to return to the turbulent times of the 1960s. He is the very cause of the disrespect for our laws and the attacks on law enforcement officers. Obama hates white people and during his presidency he gave some black people, the uneducated ones who were stupid enough to believe it, the idea that they were somehow above the law. We are seeing that play out today.
    Now, we have a duly elected president who supports and governs ALL people, equally, regardless of race or color. But he can’t be bought and this is killing the established politicians in D.C. – they are scared to death because we finally have a man who is doing his very best to live up to his campaign promises.
    President Trump is under attack from all sides including many in his own party. These people will pay a price for this in the next election. The fake news media is controlled by liberals and 24 hours a day they spout their lies and hatred to a mostly ignorant and uninformed public.
    I fear that we may very well see another Civil War on the horizon and when that happens, much of the blame, if not all of it, can be placed squarely on the traitorous shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama. – Bude Lepsi

Keep politics out of sports! I agree Jamal

The hard-working American in this video goes by the name of “Jamal” on YouTube. I found him a few months ago and have since become a huge fan and have subscribed to his channel. In the video below, Jamal is telling it like it is about the attempt by some athletes and sports networks (ESPN) to insert their politics into the game. Jamal is against it and so am I – the only thing I disagree with Jamal is, I’m not a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan. I boycotted the NFL last year for allowing players to go unpunished for disrespecting our flag and the kids, of all colors, who serve in our military. I had intended on ending my boycott if the NFL changed its policy, but pre-season isn’t over and the crap has already started. I’m through with the NFL for good! – Bude Lepsi

‘SOS – Save Our Statues’

    The current wave of destruction and attacks on the symbols of American history is very disturbing to me. What upsets me the most is, this is being allowed without any punishment to the perpetrators whatsoever. It’s hard to believe that Communist inspired mobs are now allowed to run through the streets of our cities completely destroying anything that they don’t happen to agree with.
    America has thousands of statues that, good or bad, represent our history – those

Abraham Lincoln – Republican president who ended slavery.

events happened and destroying them is not going to change anything. Whatever happened to the days when the destruction of public property was not allowed? Now, we are seeing cowardly public officials and some members of law enforcement turn their backs as thugs roam free and destroy at will. This has to stop and stop now.
    I am calling on the U.S. Congress, state and local authorities to have the courage to stand up now, before it’s too late, and pass a bill that I like to call “SOS” – Save Our Statues. This bill should be rushed through Congress and immediately be put into force. It should deem it a felony for any person or group to destroy any existing statue or any other historic artifact in the United States. This law should be rigidly enforced.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the destruction of symbols of our history is a planned Communist-inspired movement to divide and conquer our people, operating under the guise of “racism.” Is there any politician(s) out there who has the courage to save our country? I seriously doubt it, but I had to speak out. Although my voice is small in the whole scheme of things, I just can’t remain silent when it comes to an issue that is so important to the future of our beloved country and the generations to come. – Bude Lepsi

Democrats, liberals and the media continue their disgusting ways

    Every single day Democrats, liberals, and their disgusting allies in the fake news media continue to attack President Trump. They hold their vile protests on college campuses and destroy property while attacking the values that have made this country great. In the classroom, professors force feed their liberal filth to a captured audience of young donald-trumppeople who are afraid to protest in fear of getting a failing grade. Respect for police officers is gone thanks to Obama and his support for groups like Black Lives Matter.
    Political correctness in this country has reached a disgusting new low with everything offending everybody. Simple words can be twisted to give them racist implications as defined by the true racists, Democrats and liberals. Kids are expelled from school for simply pointing their finger like a gun, pretending to shoot something. I am just an old guy who has a hard time digesting all the things going on in our country today. I am damn sick and tired of this liberal trash trying to rewrite history just to satisfy their twisted beliefs of how things should have been.
    I have reached a point that I can no longer stand any individual who claims to be a liberal or Democrat. Fact is, I don’t have any desire to be around these America-hating fools. We are indeed fortunate to have a president who truly loves this country – President Trump is a strong man who cares about all Americans, regardless of color. He is a great leader and he is fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again.”  – Bude Lepsi

Hard-working American tells it like it is – a strong supporter of President Trump

I found this guy on YouTube a while back and immediately subscribed to his channel. He goes by the title ‘Mind of Jamal’ and is a staunch supporter of our President. In this video, Jamal gives his opinion on turn-coat Republican RINOs who refuse to support President Trump. Jamal is spot on in his assessment of these traitors. – Bude Lepsi

John McCain screwed the American people and Ted Cruz knows it

After John McCain became a traitor and voted with Democrats against repealing Obamacare, Ted Cruz was livid. Cruz was right when he said that McCain and others have lied to the American people. I agree with Sen. Cruz! John McCain is a two-faced RINO and the people of Arizona need to be sure that this traitor never again can do harm to hard-working Americans. – Bude Lepsi

Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani-Born IT Worker’s Home

The story below from Breitbart News makes the liberals’ fake news stories about President Trump and the Russians look like child’s play. The Democrats are so full of corruption that President Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” is so important. When you think of all the confidential information that these men had access to, it is downright scary! – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS: The FBI is reportedly investigating several smashed hard drives seized from the home of two Pakistan-born brothers who worked as IT workers

Source: Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani-Born IT Worker’s Home

Tips for taking photos with your iphone

The young man who has this iphone photography blog is providing a neat service for beginners in photography who only use an iphone for their camera. He has a photography course on using the iphone where he provides useful information and tips for using an iphone camera (see one of his tips below). He has made some stunning photos using iphones and I highly recommend his course. – MVM Images (Bude Lepsi Blog)


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Thank you President Trump for supporting our military

Tonight President Trump delivered a fantastic speech supporting our veterans and all those who serve in the military. He reminded us that this nation was founded on Christian ideology and that he will continue to fight for religious liberty. One of the things he said was how Americans should be allowed to pray anywhere at anytime – that 694940094001_5244289612001_121116-anr-roberts-1280includes before football games. I remember that throughout my life when I attended a high school game it was just a natural thing for a prayer to be said before the game. I don’t know who decided that we could no longer do that, but we should be allowed to pray. If our prayer offends Muslims, then they can plug their ears. When Muslims block traffic and pray in the streets, that offends me. God Bless President Trump! – Bude Lepsi

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