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Mark Robinson, the voice of law-abiding Americans everywhere!

I’m going to say right off the bat, there’s nothing I can add to the video below except to say thank you Mr. Robinson for speaking up for law-abiding citizens in this country. His words made me want to stand up and scream “hell yeah,” because those of us who obey the law are sick and tired of being vilified by the fake news media, liberal freaks, and Communists. I hope you will watch this video and share it with like-minded people, who, as Mr. Robinson says, are the majority of folks in this country. And one last thing, even if you don’t own a gun, go join the NRA because there are those in this country who are determined to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights and if they are ever allowed to disarm us, all our other rights will go as well. – Bude Lepsi


I’m against gun control – open a history book!

    It’s kind of like talking to a brick wall when trying to rationally discuss anything with a liberal, unless of course, you take their side of things. For example the recent debate about gun control – liberals and Communists are using the high school shootings to once again try to take guns away from law-abiding Americans who have never shot anyone – they are trying to blame the NRA, with its nearly six million members, for all mass shootings.
    To anybody with a little common sense this concept is totally outrageous, but not to liberals who now want to use our children as political pawns. It’s totally amazing to me how these people have totally overlooked the history of what happens when citizens are disarmed. Read a frickin’ history book! Study the Nazis, Communist China, or anywhere that Communism thrives. You will see disarmed people being slaughtered at random.
    But as I mentioned before, it does no good to try to bring history, common sense, and facts to a liberal – they have a closed agenda and if you don’t agree with them, you will probably somehow be labeled as a racist. 
    I have been a proud member of the NRA for years – I am licensed to carry a gun in Texas. I take my right to carry very seriously, I train on the range often, and I stay up to date on all gun laws. I will do everything in my power to defend and support our 2nd Amendment Rights. I pray to God that I will never have to use my gun to take a human life – I also pray to God that if the need arises that I must use my gun to protect innocent people, that I will have the courage to do so.
    In the NRA video link below, some common sense is presented – something no liberal seems to be blessed with. – Bude Lepsi

Remember Benghazi – never forget!

obamaThe following post is from an old article, but it brings to mind that the American people should never forget the crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi. It was proven that help for our people over there was just hours away but Obama and Clinton refused to send reinforcements. I remember the two them spewing lies as they stood beside the coffins of dead Americans who they could have rescued. While being interrogated during a Congress investigation, Clinton was clearly agitated at the questions and blurted out, “At this point, what difference does it make?” I think it makes a big difference to the families of these dead Americans! Obama and Clinton both belong in Gitmo. (Follow the link below for the rest of the story.)Bude Lepsi

While the Obama administration insists that there was not enough time to mount a rescue mission to save U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans killed in Benghazi, Fox News is reporting that a 40-man special operations rapid deployment force was only four to six hours away during the Sept. 11, 2012 siege. In an […]

via Fox News: Help Was Only 4-6 Hours Away in Benghazi. — Rivers of Hope

The classics by Ernest Hemingway

Writer/Blogger Ed A. Murray reflects on the classic books by Hemingway. Click on the link below to read more. – Bude Lepsi

Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest authors in the history of American literature. Let’s countdown some of the best Hemingway books. The post Ranking the best Ernest Hemingway books… 6 more words

via Ranking the best Ernest Hemingway books — Ed A. Murray

From Allen West’s Blog

Click on the link below to find the entire story.

There just has to be a connection the Russians somewhere. The mainstream media is trying desperately to tie the Russia collusion narrative into the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. 320 more words

via Mainstream Media in a Frenzy Over Tillerson And It Got Downright Hysterical — Allen West Republic

How Hallettsville became the seat of government in Lavaca County, Texas

     I have always been of the opinion that if you want to know the truth about things of a historic nature; you should go to the source.
That “source” for me is old newspapers, personal journals, and when possible communicating with folks who actually were there or know of historic events from things told to them by their ancestors.
    In 1972, an older gentleman by the name of C.E. Munson recalled some of his memories of Hallettsville and how it became the seat of Lavaca County. His story was published in the Lavaca County Tribune-Herald and gives a personal explanation of things that happened in the county long ago.
     Munson was living in Corpus Christi when he wrote this article – it is unedited and appears as it did when first published. – Bude Lepsi

How Hallettsville Became Seat of Lavaca County
(Lavaca County Tribune – Jan. 4, 1972) 

By C.E. Munson
     I can give a more accurate account of what happened when they moved the County Site of Lavaca County, Texas, from Petersburg to Hallettsville, than any account I have ever read. And I have more first-hand information, on the early history of Hallettsville, than any printed information I have ever seen.
    When a “teen age” boy some seventy to eighty years ago, I lived near neighbor Danridge Bradley, who was born in Richmond or in Fort Bend County, but was an early resident of what was later Hallettsville. He delighted in telling interesting things that happened in those “pioneer” days.
    They used post oak logs and clapboard shingles to build the first store, and when the walls were finished, they had no planks for building a door, so they used a dry cowhide for a door and called it Hidesville. When a post office was established they called it The Ives Post Office, until the Halletts took over, and then they changed the name to Hallettsville.
    After Mr. Hallett’s death, his wife, daughter and two living sons had charge of the store and Post Office. The two sons went with their wagons and teams to Indianola to get supplies to replenish their stock in the store. They disappeared and no one ever knew what became of them. Sometime after they had gone the Indians made a raid on the store and robbed it of everything they could get away with. Mrs. Hallett and daughter heard them coming and ran, fearing the Indians might kill them.
    After Lavaca County was organized in 1846 and the village had grown to considerable size, her citizens called for a county-wide election, asking for the County Site to be moved from Petersburg, to Hallettsville, about six miles north of its present location. The majority of votes favored the move, but the people of Petersburg refused to give up the records and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to move them.
    The citizens of Hallettsville organized a force of about 200 men and sent word they were coming on a certain day to take the records. They were armed and ready to fight if necessary to get them. The opposing force organized about 200 men, butchered several yearlings, and barbecued the meat, the night before the other force were to come, aiming to have a real barbecue feast when they had destroyed or driven the other force away.          When the Hallettsville force came near enough to see a part of the opposing force were inside the Court House walls, and they were almost surrounded by men in other hiding places, they said, “Let’s see if we can’t talk them into giving up the records without any bloodshed.”
    They chose one man, who tied a white handkerchief around a pole and he went on foot to where the leaders of the other force were. And said: “Let’s not have any bloodshed over this matter. The majority of voters have voted to move the records, now let’s abide by the majority vote.”
    After hearing his plea, the leaders of the other force called their men out from their hiding places. And after discussing thoroughly what they should do, they decided to give up the records, and the amazing act was to invite the Hallettsville force to come and help them eat the barbecue they had prepared. When they had eaten their fill, and thanked the good Petersburg people for their kindness, they went on their way rejoicing back to Hallettsville.
     I rendered eight years of service in the Sheriff’s Office in Lavaca County, from 1902 through 1910. Back in horse and buggy days when roads were muddy and times were rough, I traveled every public road and “cow trail” in the county.
    There was a time when I knew every man in the county, where he lived, and whether he owned a home, or was a renter. I talked with men who had grown old, but were members of those armed forces, and each one told practically the same story about what happened when the records were moved. They certainly deserve credit for settling without bloodshed and the friendly way by which they settled the matter.
     Another interesting thing, relative to the Hallett family, happened while I was living at Hallettsville. The firm of Rheinstrom & Greenabaum, were using teams and scrapers to fill a gully, where they intended building a “mule barn” – the workers were scraping dirt out of the same gully, down near where it ran into the Lavaca River. And after scraping up quite a bit of dirt, they uncovered two human skeletons. It seemed that no one could account for them being there. The thought came to me; those are the remains of the two Hallett boys.
     I have reason to believe, those boys came in while the Indians were robbing the store, and they killed these men, stripped them of all their possessions and pitched their dead bodies in the muddy waters of this gully and escaped with their horses and wagon loads of supplies for the store.
    It’s reasonable to believe this accounts for the disappearance of the two men and their possessions.


Brandon Tatum is on a rant, and I agree with everything he has to say!

    There’s not much I can say about Brandon’s rant in the video below except that he is absolutely right to be upset about the stupidity of some people in this country. On second thought, there is one thing where I do disagree with him and that is, I don’t think it’s as much stupidity as it is a leftist plan to promote the “white supremacy” agenda. This is the game plan of Communists and liberals; to divide the people using racism. – Bude Lepsi

Liberals continue to exploit children and Jamal nails them for it!

    My friends, we are truly living in a sad time. At no time in American history have people hated a president so much as liberals hate President Donald Trump. The Good Lord has granted me the privilege to live on this earth for over 75 years and I can personally attest to the fact that in that length of time, I have never seen such hate for a president – such intense hate that they will even use children, little children, to promote their agenda.
Conservatives put up with Obama for eight years – we didn’t like the way he was destroying the country but we didn’t stoop so low as to make videos of children spewing foul language against him.
A young man I follow on YouTube, operating under the title of “Mind of Jamal,” is also sick and tired of the liberal’s use of children in disgusting ways. Check out his latest video below and you will see what I mean. If you agree with Jamal, consider subscribing to his YouTube channel.Bude Lepsi

In 1905 a mass grave was discovered in Gonzales, Texas

By Murray Montgomery
Lone Star Diary

   Back in June of 1998, I came across a story about a mass grave that was discovered in Gonzales, Texas, in 1905. Since then, because I was so fascinated with the story, I have written several more columns about that haunting discovery. The idea keeps gnawing at me that, maybe somewhere, there may be ancestors of the folks in the grave who are searching for the history of their lost relatives. And just so the rest of us won’t forget, what follows is a revised version of the first article I wrote about the mysterious tomb.

   I wonder what would happen if an old grave containing numerous human skeletons was discovered in present day Gonzales, Texas? Don’t you know that the town would be descended upon, promptly, by the news media. They would all be here: CNN, TNT, CBS, NBC, ABC …. But it seems apparent that 113 years ago, old mass graves didn’t receive that much attention.

   In April of 1905, human remains were found in Gonzales while excavation work was underway at a site on St. Michael street. According to The Gonzales Inquirer, workmen uncovered the bones while working on the foundation of the T.F. Harwood brick warehouse. This structure was to be built on land known as the old A. Fischer homestead.

   One of the amazing things about this discovery was just how casually it was treated by the local paper. It wasn’t even considered important enough for the front page. Instead, the article was a mere one column by about ten inches and was buried on the inside of the paper!

   The reporter who wrote the article didn’t seem the least bit interested in following up the story by seeking new information; in fact, the writer closed by saying, “The find is a very interesting one from an historic standpoint, for it gives evidence of events in human history of which the present generation is in total ignorance.”

   Were finding old graves a common thing in Gonzales back then? I sure wouldn’t think so. It makes me wonder if folks here had experienced so much in the way of violence and hardship in their lives that a few old bones just didn’t impress them. We have to remember that many of the people living there in 1905 had experienced the most devastating conflict in American history; the Civil War.

   The Gonzales Inquirer did do a good job of describing the grave site. It reported that, “… protruding from either side of the excavation could be seen pieces of ribs, skulls, thigh bones, etc.” The report also included information that the grave was about two feet wide and ran north and south. It was about 30 feet long and people at the scene estimated that there were approximately nineteen skeletons. Another interesting observation was that the remains were only two to three feet under the ground.

    There is no way for us to know just how old this discovery was in 1905. Reports from the newspaper described the bones as being in advanced stages of decay. Also, there wasn’t any precise order in the way the bodies were buried. According to the Inquirer: “In one place were noticed two skulls lying close together, the remains extending in opposite directions, while above both were seen the remains of others.”

   The information depicting the grave as being more like a trench — makes me wonder if it was the site of an execution. The Inquirer reporter made the observation that the burial seemed to have been done in haste. Again, the reporter came to this conclusion because of the lack of any order to the way the bodies were situated in the tomb.

   The folks at the Inquirer in 1905 had different theories as to who might have been in the grave. Some thought the remains were of Indian braves who died in battle. Others believed it to be the bones of Mexican or French soldiers — their death being caused by some hostile tribe of Native Americans.

   Something about this discovery seems very strange to me. Why wasn’t there any other artifacts found? Were these poor souls stripped of their clothing before they were thrown into the grave? I can understand them having their weapons taken away but there should have been some personal items.

    I’m no archaeologist, but wouldn’t a metal belt buckle or button last as long as bones? If other artifacts were found, I can’t believe that any competent reporter would have disregarded that kind of information. Also, nothing was said about what happened to the remains after they were discovered. Were they re-buried or simply just thrown away?

   From reading the article, I got the impression that the workmen only investigated the area where the foundation was to be built. That location was just a narrow trench and bones were sticking out from both sides of the excavation. It’s very possible that this was a much larger grave and could very well have contained more remains.

   Here is something else to consider — the remains were found just two to three feet below the surface of the ground. One good metal detector (if there is any metal) shouldn’t have any problems finding the items.

   There is another little twist to this story. It seems one of the skulls (the only one completely in tact) was presented to the Inquirer. The newspaper reported that, “… it is now on exhibition in the office, where it has been viewed by a number of people. The skull is rather small, with retreating forehead, and is of unusual thickness. The teeth are in a fair state of preservation.”

   What happened to the skull? We know it was on display at the Inquirer office. So, where is it now? With the technology available today, DNA and all — I’ll bet if we had that skull — the mystery could be solved.

   Think about it; the historic old town of Gonzales could be sitting on the remains of yet another important piece of history.

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