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Why does the White House even waste its time on the ‘Mother of Fake News?

I don’t understand why the Trump administration even bothers to waste its time with the Mother of Fake News, known as CNN. Fake newsmen Anderson Cooper and the racist Don Lemon are liars and hypocrites. Kellyanne Conway spars with Cooper in the video below and she clearly gets the best of the king of fake news. – Bude Lepsi

Chris Berman’s wife dies in Connecticut car crash

a-chris bermanAnybody who follows sports will recognize the photo of Chris Berman. I have been watching him for years and I am very sorry for his loss. – Bude Lepsi

May 10 (UPI) — Legendary ESPN personality Chris “Boomer” Berman lost his wife Tuesday in a deadly car incident in Woodbury, Conn.According to police, Katherine Berman’s 2003 Lexus SC 430hit the back of a 2003 Ford Escape at about 2:15 p.m. on Sherman Hill Road. The accident killed both drivers.Berman was 67-years-old. Edward Bertulis, 87, was the other driver. (click on the link below to see the entire story)

Source: Chris Berman’s wife dies in Connecticut car crash – Breitbart

One of my latest creations

The original photograph was taken at a car show in South Texas. The model was added to the graphic later – I used Photoshop Elements 11 and Smart Editor Programs to create the image. Hope you enjoy viewing it. – Bude Lepsi (aka MVM Images)

Photo/Graphic ©MVM Images



Professor says Comey firing was ‘appropriate’

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday night that President Donald Trump was well within his rights to fire former FBI director James Comey, and that there was no need for a special prosecutor in the investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

via Dershowitz: Comey Firing ‘Appropriate,’ No Special Prosecutor — Breitbart News

The Doctor is in and he is glad James Comey is out – and so am I

I really don’t have to comment on the video below, because the Doctor of Common Sense has got it nailed. Listen to the Doctor. – Bude Lepsi

Democrats React with Horror After President Trump Fires James Comey

This action by President Trump was long overdue. Comey is not trustworthy and in my opinion, he does not support the President. I heard some of his past associates say that the former FBI Director is more about himself than anything else. It is very humerus to hear the Democrats screaming about Comey’s firing considering how much they hated him when he criticized Hillary Clinton over her deleted emails. Karma is a real bitch, huh Dems? – Bude Lepsi

Democrats predictably raised the alarm after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, accusing the president of trying to cover up the investigation into Russia’s interference into the 2016 presidential election.Despite blaming Comey for Hillary Clinton’s loss, former campaign aides defended him. (Click the link below for the entire story from Breitbart News.)

Source: Former Clinton Team, Democrats React with Horror After Donald Trump Fires James Comey – Breitbart

No racism here, folks, just human beings in Texas saving little children

With all the people in this country who seem to thrive on promoting racism; this story shows you how caring human beings of all colors show their love for one another. Although liberals would like to divide us and make us hate each other, people in this small Texas community prove them wrong! Click on the link below for one of those stories that will make you have faith in good people. – Bude Lepsi

Conan O’Brien goes to Mexico to make fun of President Trump

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch the Conan O’Brien Show – never have. But I do watch TBS from time-to-time and they were running a promo of O’Brien’s show which is on tonight – going up against “The Five” on Fox News. No doubt “The Five” will slaughter

The Paley Center For Media Hosts A Conversation With Anderson Cooper And Conan O'Brien
Conan O’Brien

O’Brien in the ratings. The promo says that on his show, O’Brien is going to Mexico to make fun of President Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for the border wall. In the clip that I saw, the would-be comedian was asking people on the street if they are going to pay for the wall – you can tell that these folks have no idea what the idiot is talking about, and on cue they laugh it up, oblivious to what they are supposed to be laughing about. O’Brien is just another in a long list of liberals who feel they have to insult the President at every opportunity. I’ve got news for Mr. O’Brien, insulting the President isn’t going to keep him from getting his ass kicked by “The Five.” – Bude Lepsi

Charles Barkley: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Getting a Bad Rap’ – ‘They Do a Lot of Work’ Black and White People ‘Don’t Want to’ – Really Charles?

Really, Charles? Why don’t you invite a bunch of these illegal-alien criminals to come stay at your place? Come to the Texas border and see what “legal” Americans, mostly Hispanic, have to deal with every single day! – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS – Charles Barkley: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Getting a Bad Rap’ – ‘They Do a Lot of Work’ Black and White People ‘Don’t Want to’

Source: Charles Barkley: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Getting a Bad Rap’ – ‘They Do a Lot of Work’ Black and White People ‘Don’t Want to’ – Breitbart

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