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You want gun control? Are you crazy?

Let me see if I can figure this out. Democrats and liberals are once again screaming “gun control” after the tragic shooting at a high school in Florida. And these aforementioned Democrats and liberals want to disarm us all? Have you people completely lost your frickin’ minds?
Deranged killers seek out gun free zones, soft targets of opportunity – they are not going to attack a place where there is a possibility of folks actually shooting back at them. So the liberal mind-set is that we all ought to be disarmed? Again, are you crazy?
Why don’t you liberal idiots wake up and get some common sense – when you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns! Are you actually so frickin’ stupid that you believe criminals will obey the law and turn in their guns? No! That’s why they are called criminals!
Here is how you help prevent these horrific events from happening: (1) Start giving your children some discipline – yeah, teach them right from wrong. (2) Seek out retired Vets and Law Enforcement Officers to provide security at your schools and churches. (3) Do away with signs that promote “Gun Free Zones.” (4) Train and arm teachers, and members of your church – allow those folks who hold handgun permits to carry their weapons on the premises. (5) Watch for the warning signs in mentally deranged individuals and demand that law enforcement follow-up on tips, and take appropriate action. (6) If you see something, say something and keep saying it until you are heard.
More gun laws won’t work – if you doubt this, take a look at Chicago.


Bring these children home! Update, children have been found…

I am posting this in an effort to help spread the word about these missing children. This event happened in Texas, but local law enforcement has no idea where the person who abducted these children is located – he may be anywhere. So I’m simply asking that you share this information and keep your eye out for these kids. – Bude Lepsi

Good news: The girls have been found safe and sound, suspect taken into custody.

Thank you Sen. Ted Cruz for spanking their sorry butts!

God Bless all those who serve in our military – past & present

The video below is a tribute to those who served as tankers in the military. I was proud to have served at a gunner on the old M48 Patton tank.


That’s me on the right inside the turret of an M48 Patton tank at the armor training school in Ft. Knox, Kentucky – 1961. My fellow crew member on the left is Jerry Rath of Cuero, Texas. We are working on the breech block of the 90 mm cannon.


President Trump’s administration doesn’t take any crap from UN

Here is another reason why I am so proud that I voted for President Trump. He takes no bullshit from the UN. As our ambassador tells the UN that they have no say in the policies of the United States. God Bless President Trump! – Bude Lepsi

Many thanks to New York cop for stopping Muslim terrorist

The citizens of this nation are so blessed to have the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line daily to protect us. These officers don’t get the respect that they deserve from liberals who have no sense of patriotism and love for those who put their lives on the line 24/7 – God Bless our police, first responders, and the military. Click on the link below for the rest of the story. – Bude Lepsi

The New York City terror attack ended when terrorist Sayfullo Saipov was shot by a good guy with a gun, NYPD officer Ryan Nash.

via The Good Guy Who Used a Gun to Stop NYC Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov — Breitbart News

Leave us the hell alone!

I live in a very small town in Texas – pop. 2700. We don’t have any racial problems here, none at all – we go to our high school football games and black and white folks sit together. We cheer for ALL the boys on the team, we stand for the National Anthem – we all stand, regardless of race or color. But it seems that Americans are constantly being bombarded by the liberal main stream media saying how racist all white people are. Well from what I can see, liberals and some blacks are the most racist people in this country. Way back in the 1950s, it was a proven fact that the Communist had a plan to divide this country by race and economic status – it looks like they have succeeded, because this country is split exactly 50-50 – and Obama is to blame for most of this. In our little town, we have quite a few bi-racial marriages and these couples seem to love one another – they take good care of their children and the people in this town don’t look down on them. So what I’m trying to say here is that I am sick and tired of the liberal media, racist groups both black and white, as well as these Communist groups trying to divide us. Just leave us the hell alone and if we have any problems we will solve them without any help from America-hating racists! – Bude Lepsi

Freedom of speech vs. freedom to boycott

    a-wimpsI have read quite a bit lately, both nationally and locally, about the right of freedom of speech and NFL players taking a knee during our National Anthem. Let me be very clear on how I feel about this – I am not denying that the players have a right to take a knee during the National Anthem and although I find it very disgusting, I suppose they have a right to kneel while a dead police officer is being remembered.
    However, I also have the right to boycott the NFL and I have been doing so for going on two years. I have the right to boycott because, I have more respect for the men and women in the military who put their lives on the line than I do for a bunch of what I consider America hating over-paid thugs. These thugs get paid millions to play a game while those in the military, all volunteers, get paid peanuts to put their lives on the line to defend this nation.
    Americans have every right to peacefully protest, but other Americans also have the right to boycott any organization that acts in a manner with which they don’t agree. The NFL has no intention of stopping their wimp players from bringing their political agenda to the sport I used to love and support. And I have no intention to stop encouraging others to boycott the NFL while hoping that it will eventually go bankrupt. – Bude Lepsi

Jamal tells it like it is!

This gentleman is on YouTube – I found his channel recently and after watching a few of his videos, I immediately subscribed to his channel. He is just a hard-working American who is fed up with liberals, Democrats, and their hypocrisy. This fellow goes under the title of “Mind of Jamal” on YouTube – if you are sick of the disrespect that the buffoons in the NFL are showing towards our flag, country, and military; you’ll appreciate this video. –Bude Lepsi

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