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Chevy & The Chicks …

This is one of my first photo/graphics – Bude Lepsi (aka MVM Images)

Photo ©MVM Images



So what did I do on my birthday?

I turned 74 today (Jan. 5, 2017) – so what did I do for my birthday? Why, I made another composite/graphic using one of my hot-rod photos with the help of a beautiful model from the Internet. It’s fun – Happy Birthday to me!


Making graphics on a cold day…


My first graphic/composite for 2017 – ©MVM Images

My last photo/graphic for 2016

Creating composites and graphics from my photography, and that of others, is a hobby that I truly enjoy. Using Photoshop and Smart Photo Editor programs, I get a lot of satisfaction out of the work – and nothing goes better with a classic car than a beautiful woman! Enjoy and Happy New Year! – Bude Lepsi & MVM Images


Venita and the Classic Mercury


I am always honored to use one of my friends on Flickr as a model for my graphics/composites. This one features the beautiful Venita.

Model: Venita
Model photo: ©Cole & Venita
Car photo: ©MVM Images
Photo/Graphic ©MVM Images

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