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Jamal tells it like it is!

This gentleman is on YouTube – I found his channel recently and after watching a few of his videos, I immediately subscribed to his channel. He is just a hard-working American who is fed up with liberals, Democrats, and their hypocrisy. This fellow goes under the title of “Mind of Jamal” on YouTube – if you are sick of the disrespect that the buffoons in the NFL are showing towards our flag, country, and military; you’ll appreciate this video. –Bude Lepsi


Car Show & Kolache Fest

Kolache Fest is an annual event in the little town of Hallettsville, Texas (pop. 2800). This was the biggest year yet for the car show that is featured with the celebration – over 150 entries. Hallettsville has a large Czech population and the Kolache Fest features Czech music and food. If you’re ever in the area on the last weekend in September, check (Czech) it out, you won’t be sorry. Following are a few of my photos from that event. – Bude Lepsi

Car Show Beauty

This is one of my latest photo graphics. The image of the car was taken at a car show in South-Central Texas. The beautiful Internet model was added later. I used a Canon T-5 camera to take the original image – I used Smart Photo Editor and Photoshop Elements 11 to do all the post processing. – MVM Images


‘To hell with the NFL!’


Wounded soldier at Warrior’s Weekend – both legs gone from combat.


   I hope that anybody who continues to watch the #NFL will drive to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio or any other military hospital, or visit Warrior’s Weekend in Port O’Connor, Texas, in May – take a look at all the kids who have lost limbs defending this great country – then, tell me that you don’t think the overpaid thugs in the NFL shouldn’t be punished for disrespecting our flag and the military.
   I attended Warrior’s Weekend for seven years and experienced a great sense of pride and sadness at the same time seeing these great military people who serve and want to continue serving even though some are missing limbs. The kids serving in the military are the treasure of this country and should be treated with the greatest respect! To hell with the #NFL, I hope they are totally destroyed by this boycott! – Bude Lepsi


How to get Black and White Privilege

People who know me will tell you that I’m not some sort of religious fanatic. Yes, I believe there is a God, but I don’t go around trying to push my beliefs on other folks. The video below was created by a white man who is also a preacher and it is nearly 20 minutes long. Being a preacher, he talks about the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ; he also talks about love, respect and honor – but you don’t have to be a religious person to gain some mighty good information from his message. – Bude Lepsi

Newt is exactly right!

There’s not much for me to add on this one. Newt tells it like it is on these overpaid snowflakes in the NFL. – Bude Lepsi

Why I boycott the NFL – Read this letter

For going on two years now, I’ve been boycotting the NFL because some of its overpaid pretty boys think they are somehow better than the kids who serve in our military. When these people, who are getting paid millions to play a game, take it upon themselves to disrespect those in the military who are paid minimum wage to fight and die for this country – well, it’s time for patriotic Americans to speak out! I encourage everyone to read this letter to the NFL from a man who has served this country in war! – Bude Lepsi

Car show Goddess

This is my newest photo/graphic/composite – I photographed the classic car at a car show in South-Central Texas. The Internet model was added later. The image was created using Photoshop Elements 11 and Smart Photo Editor. The car was photographed using an Olympus E-450 digital camera. – (c) MVM Images


Dana and the low rider

Beautiful Texas model Dana Defiant adds her beauty and charm to this image of a low rider automobile. Photo was made at a car show in South Texas. – ©MVM Images


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