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1937 Buick ‘barn find’ might turn some heads at a red light

   As a photographer and car nut living in South-Central Texas, I spend a lot of time visiting and taking photos at car shows- my greatest love is the old vehicles – hot rods, classics, muscle cars, rat rods, trucks – you name it!
   Recently at a car show in Schulenburg, I came upon this “barn find,” a 1937 Buick. The fellow who owns it decided to have a little fun with the old car by doing some surprising additions to the one-time-luxury vehicle. First of all, he squeezed a Chrysler 426 Hemi into the engine compartment, where it really wouldn’t fit – fact is, he had to lay the radiator, horizontally, on top of the engine to make it all work. If that wasn’t outrageous enough, he lifted up the body and placed it upon a modern Dodge Charger chassis. Of course some bigger tires also had to be added. The old car is rusty and dusty, still covered with dirt from when it was pulled out the barn where it had been sitting for 40 years.
  As an old drag racer, my first thought was: “I wonder what some young dude in his hot rod would think if he challenged the Hemified (made up word) old Buick at a red light and immediately got his doors blown off?” It would be a beautiful sight to see. Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what else the owner has planned for the car. Don’t you know that old body is rockin’ and rollin’ down the road when he puts his foot down on that Hemi power plant? I love it! – Bude Lepsi (aka MVM Images)

1937 Buick in Schulenburg, TX – Photo (c) MVM Images
1937 Buick in Schulenburg, TX – Photo (c) MVM Images
1937 Buick in Schulenburg, TX – The radiator is positioned flat across the top of the engine to get everything crammed into the compartment – Photo (c) MVM Images



England’s disgusting act towards President Trump has Jamal, and me fired up!

The recent demonstrations in London towards President Trump are disgusting to say the least! This is a country who’s ass we saved in not one, but two world wars. But they allow a piece of trash Muslim mayor to disrespect our country and our duly elected President! My man Jamal finds it outrageous and so do I. – Bude Lepsi

Tropical clouds in South Texas

This image shows the type of sky and clouds that are associated with a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. I shot this between the towns of Sealy and Eagle Lake, Texas, on my way back home from taking my wife to Houston for her routine cancer scan. The image was enhanced using Smart Photo Editor and Photoshop Elements 2018 programs. Not too bad for an image shot from my car window using an iPhone 7 cell phone camera; well at least that’s my opinion. – (c) MVM Images & Bude Lepsi


Is this a drought-breaker? I hope so!

Haven’t been here in a while…

Sorry for neglecting this blog, lately, I’ve had a lot of things going on – some good, some bad. Anyway, here are a few of my newest graphics. I used Smart Photo Editor, and Photoshop Elements 2018 to create these graphics. Enjoy – Bude Lepsi & MVM Images





It’s refreshing to have people speak the truth – Thank you, Jamal

Not long ago, I came across this man on YouTube. I was immediately impressed by his honesty, common sense, and most of all his dedication to telling the truth. I encourage all my friends and followers to check out Jamal’s videos. – Bude Lepsi

Democrats are disgusting!

It is so sad to see the things that are going on in America today. Never in my life have I seen so much hatred being expressed by Democrats and liberals towards President Donald J. Trump. Their hatred has reached a point that is so vile that I can no longer stomach a person who identifies as a liberal or Democrat. As far as I’m concerned, these sick individuals hate this country and I choose to no longer have a conversation with them. But there is a bright spot on the horizon and the Democrats are terrified of what’s happening – yes, black Americans are leaving the Democrat plantation in droves. One such person is Will Johnson. I invite you to watch one of his videos below and if you agree with him, like him on Facebook and follow him on YouTube. His message is refreshing. – Bude Lepsi

Fun photo-graphic composite

Had fun doing this one. It’s a four photo composite – the car is my photograph taken at a Texas car show with, of all things, my IPhone 7. Was impressed with the overall quality of the IPhone image. As usual, I used Photoshop Elements 11 and Smart Photo Editor programs to put it all together. The drag racing girl and the Texaco logo came from another source. I added the glowing tail lights and removed the original background. It took about two hours to create. – ©MVM Images


Texas Car Show

Here are some of my photos from a car show held April 6, 2018, in the little town of Schulenburg, Texas. – MVM Images


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